Golden Age Movement Australia & New Zealand

Supporting Humanity's Transformation from the Illusion of Separation into the Experience of Oneness - an Inner Golden Age that is Experienced as
Causeless Love and Joy.

Current and Upcoming Events

Free event!
On-line Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha
Sunday 18 August 2024
11AM til 12:30PM

Programs to bring you Peace, Joy, Enlightenment & Miracles

The Gift of Ananda Course

Monthly Online Course in the comfort of your home to raise consciousness and fulfillment in wealth, health, joy, and awakening. Attendees receive soma in the course to help manifest your desires.

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74k-81k Deeksha Yagna Program

Join a community passionate to help humanity achieve a higher state of collective oneness consciousness to bring the planet into the Inner Golden Age. Attendees receive the enormous gifts of sacred processes to fast-track your worldly and spiritual fulfillment.

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Free Ananda (Joy) State Meditations

Receive silencing of the mind and support for your fulfillment in the simplest meditation tool that brings instant results.
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