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Join us to Discover the Miracles of Soma Sacred Water

Join us Online for a Taste of....
"Sarva deva Param Jyothi Ananda Soma" Events.

Join us June 23rd and June 30

These events are to build Light in our Countries for the Rapid Changes that our society is Experiencing.

When we come together we build Community and discover the power of our Collective to bring about internal shifts that will affect our World.

The free 30 minute online Zoom event every week will give you a taste of this Extraordinary Phenomena which is not just giving miracles but transforming the hearts of people and communities globally.

Dates: Sundays, June 23rd and June 30th
Duration: 30mins
VIC/NSW/QLD: 09.30am
SA: 09.00am
WA: 07.30am
NZ: 11.30am

Everyone is invited. Thank you for bringing your communities.

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Sarva deva Param Jyothi Ananda Soma - SYDNEY Australia

July 7th 2024 ... In-Person Event!


First Event of its kind to be launched in Sydney!
With Special Blessing for Australia and New Zealand - Limited Seating.

Come together to build LIGHT and Oneness for our Countries.

Sunday, JULY 7th 2024 11AM - 12.30PM.
Mosman Art Gallery, Mosman
These Extraordinary Events are where the Grace steps up and people are receiving answers to long-held prayers and miracles.

You will be taking SOMA home - in water that is Blessed Directly from the Divine, and creates Miracles for you. Please bring a small sealed bottle of water or a container of water and your Sri Murthi, or image of your Divine.

Click here for Sydney Tickets.

Price: $125 AUD plus Booking fees


From Mike a new person:

“ I wasn’t on board with all of this. I didn’t know how this was all going to work; water actually turning into miracle water? Well, as reluctant as I was, it actually happened. The energy was strong and it made me blissfully drowsy and and I felt intoxicated in peace. It was like a melody very soothing. When it was time to taste my water, strangely it had a flavor. I had to make sure, so I took another sip. Yes, it tasted like roses. I have never tasted something so delicious and it made me feel good, actually happy. I immediately asked for a “miracle” I have a truck that I’ve been trying to sell for three years. After the event I got two calls. Later in the day, one of the people came over with cash in hand.. So I took another sip. My back has been bothering me and sure enough my back began to feel better. This works. When is the next one? I want to bring my Mom and Dad.”

Another Participant:

”I’ve had a miracle. I have chronic fatigue syndrome it affects every part of my life. It took a great amount of work and effort to go to the event, and before entering the building, I felt the Grace. I felt Sri Amma healing me. I could not stop crying, and laughing intense and profound release. I cried, and then went into laughter, causeless Love causeless Joy, causeless Bliss thank you with all my heart, with all that I am I am deeply grateful ❤️🙏🏼😊🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

Another Participant:

“Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like that. The Bliss and Joy. Three days later, I came into unexpected money from work. With much love and thankfulness “


“Thank all and thank you, it was worth the trip. The soma had small bubbles. It puts me in calm bliss. The Presence was strong and the enormous and put out massive energy. Still feeling the Presence”

Another Participant:

“I was reluctant in coming to this event, my friend told me to come for miracles that you get blessed water. I could really use a Miracle, so I went. I had heard about enlightenment, but I didn’t know what it meant. All I can tell you, I was submersed in silence. It was strange to have such vast tranquil emptiness inside. Which is now lasted for five days however. After drinking the soma one day I felt happiness just fully happy. I felt good, the next day I had this incredible connection in love and understanding for all people. And people and things that used to bother me before don't bother me. I feel as if I used to be a gerbil on the wheel and now I’m walking freely. What really stands out is yes the Soma. It didn’t change flavor. However, it put me in a very peaceful way. Yes, I have received miracles too. It first started with relationship Miracles —strained relationships in my family. We seem to be getting along now. And then came an incredible understanding and compassion towards my mother and father. And then I had a Wealth Miracle, unexpected money from a sibling $47,000. The greatest gift of all from the soma I don’t feel lonely or depressed. I feel as if indeed, I am walking with God. I have no words big enough and great enough to express. How thankful I am."

Soma Sacred Water

A Sacred Gift & Catalyst for Healing

Soma has been called the elixir of the Gods, a mystical infusion.

Soma is a physical miracle manifesting by the Grace of Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan,* founders of the Golden Age Movement (GAM). Soma is an energetic download from higher realms. The substance of Soma is a physical byproduct of Grace and comes in many forms - honey, turmeric, kumkum (red powder), vibhuti (sacred ash), and blessed water.

In previous centuries, people would go the Himalayan mountains to harvest plants to make Soma. Now, the portal has been opened and we are able to receive a physical mystical download through Grace that brings miracles into your life.

Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan, say "Miracles are not violations of natural law. They follow higher laws."

What is Soma?

Ordinary water manifests as soma after special prayers

People who participate in Golden Age Movement courses and Soma events have benefitted from miracles for many years.

Some of the testimonials are incredible - surgery prevented, near-death accidents averted, jobs secured, businesses quickly going from barely surviving to thriving, relationships healed, unexpected financial windfalls, problems solved.

These are just some of the reports.


Soma will make it possible for you to experience inner calm and peak states during this time of global upheaval.

It brings healing, resolution of problems, insights into one's life, and an extraordinary connection with the Divine.

These gifts from Sri Amma Bhagavan are portals to the Great Compassionate Light and your personal Divine.

Soma is here to help prepare your consciousness for enlightenment by:

  • Silencing the incessant chatter of the mind that causes suffering,

  • Activating causeless joy,

  • Supporting humanity's transformation from the illusion of separation into the experience of Oneness - an inner Golden Age.

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