A Taste of the Soma Deeksha Events and Miracle Sharings

Saturdays April 27 to May 25 2024

Online Meetings on Zoom

Come join us for the Sri Kalki Ananda Soma Deeksha Meeting for a taste of the upcoming April Australia and New Zealand event. 😊

With New Process!

This 30-minute meeting will be held from the Ananda Soma Center where the power and miracles have increased.

Come get a taste and feel of this historical event — Blessed by Sri Bhagavan himself ✨

~ Dates: SATURDAYS, April 27 - May 25

~ Duration: 30mins

~ Time:

VIC/NSW: 10.30 AM

QLD: 09.30AM

WA: 7.30AM

NZ: 12:30 PM

Everyone is invited. Thank you for bringing your communities.

~ ~Join Zoom Meeting: No recording

Meeting ID; 863 4332 3642

Security Passcode :482324


Ananda (aka JOY and Love!) Soma Online Transfer

Discover silence of the mind, peace and connectedness through weekly online meditations

This is open to the public to learn about the new event, and to hear very real miracles that are happening from these events.
Feel free to invite your friends & community.
“Sri Kalki Soma Deeksha” Australia and New Zealand Soma Events Informative Meeting

And a special Blessing from Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan Great Compassionate Light✨

Ananda (aka JOY and Love and Oneness!) Transfer

Weekly Calendar

Ananda Soma Transfer from Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan Great Compassionate Light

Members of the Australian and New Zealand community have been initiated and empowered to serve Sri Amma Bhagavan in transferring the Ananda JOY to others.

Ananda is one of the very high states of consciousness of Golden Age Movement founders, Sri Amma Bhagavan, which can include enlightened consciousness and cosmic consciousness.

NOW, the Great Compassionate Light is sharing higher states of

Causeless Joy, Causeless Love and Oneness States in the Ananda Transfer.

Tune in throughout the week to receive this powerful transfer.

The more you receive the Ananda Soma the more it will impact your consciousness.

Participants report experiencing states of deep peace, stillness, joy, bliss, deep calm, clarity, and sometimes laughter and causeless joy. Others report the answering of long-held prayers and miracles in their health, relationships, and financial windfalls.