The Oneness Phenomenon 19.7.1989

How Oneness Began

GAM USA & Jasmine Spahic Sydney Sevak

7/3/20241 min read

Oneness Phenomenon Day

July 19

How Oneness Began

It was on the 19th of July in 1989 when the Phenomenon first appeared at the Jeevashram School in India, a place that is now called Satyaloka. That day marked the beginning of the Dharma in this lifetime and is now celebrated as Oneness Phenomenon Day.

The Phenomenon was very potent and sent the students into deep and profound states. The power was so strong it even affected people who weren’t at the school - passersby on the nearby road were deeply affected and would go into states. The Phenomenon was so raw that it had to be dialed back because the neighboring people were confused and scared since they were suddenly having experiences they never had previously and couldn’t explain.

The power of the Phenomenon is growing and expanding once again. And it is through the Phenomenon that Sri Amma Bhagavan’s mission and vision of a world where there is an end to suffering will be achieved.

Today these children are now adults and have dedicated their lives for the betterment of humanity ,they are the enlightened monks and teaching guides known to us as Dasa’s .These Dasa’s help the 81,000 Deeksha Yagna community to grow spiritually through hosting processes and short courses online and in the temple EKAM in cheannai india .The monks are visionary and also perform rituals fire ceremonies ,arati for divine elevation ,HOMAS for the community for humanity of all kind and for SRI AMMA BHAGAVAN .